Irish Executives

Mint Digital was responsible for the rebranding of the Irish Executives Group.

The ‘Irish Executives Group’ is a linked in group that represents 15,000 professionals in Ireland and the Irish Diaspora abroad, last year the inaugural Irish Executives Summit took place – which saw people come from as far as Dubai and New Zealand to attend the conference to discuss innovation, social media, cloud computing and networking – highlights included a session on Networking from Kingsley Aikens and a look at the ‘New Normal’ by world-renowned speaker Peter Hinssen (for a preview of Peter speaking click here).

Last year, Zara spoke on the topic of Social Media, this years conference will focus on the development of the consumer industry, future trends and how major brands and retails are taking action now to prepare for trade in 2025 and beyond.

We are currently looking after sponsorship for the event – if you would like to speak to us about same please email